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MihausJul 6, 2022 12:00:00 AM

How To Design Your Perfect Bathroom

The bathroom can be a place of private solitude, where you can close the door on your day and spend time relaxing without distractions.

The design process, however, can often seem daunting. It’s a vital step on your home-building journey, and if it’s something you’ve never undertaken before, where do you begin..? In this article, Morag Thomson from Mihaus UK presents the top tips on designing a bathroom.

Whether you are a self-builder, seeking inspiration and ideas, or you’re looking to transform an existing bathroom from the floor up, here are some tips on how to design your dream bathroom.


It’s okay to be unsure of exactly what it is you want; every self-builder at the start of their journey feels the same at some point.

Often, we don’t know the sort of design and styles we want until we see them for ourselves…

This is where showrooms come in. What better place to see a wide range of finishes, colours, materials and textures?

There are also websites, magazines and even the bathrooms of your friends. If you’re not 100% certain about something, keep looking.

Perhaps your own tastes or requirements don’t draw you to one particular style.

If that’s the case, then simply mix things up to create a space full of the aspects you love.

When inspiration strikes, you’ll usually know it!


Whichever kind of flooring you decide to fit in your bathroom, it will need three important qualities:

– It will need to be impervious to water

– It will need to be slip-resistant

– It should match or complement the overall feel and colour scheme you want for your bathroom

Tiling can offer versatility. It can offer the style aesthetic that many people seek and is easily complemented by a soft bathmat to prevent slips and absorb excess water.

There are many other options, such as natural stone, vinyl, laminate and engineered wood. Your choice will be informed by a combination of personal taste and budgetary requirements. 

If you are considering underfloor heating, this can often have a significant impact on bathroom budgets and require a lot of specialist work.

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Neglect them, and you’ll nearly always regret it later. Here are three crucial bathroom design elements that can make the difference between nearly perfect and really perfect!


Poor bathroom ventilation can be a recipe for problems, such as mould and condensation. Rooflights can be a solid, attractive solution to give your bathroom adequate ventilation; unlike fans, they are silent.

For bathrooms with a sloping roof, a duo of facing rooflights meeting at the apex can be a real design feature. For those with flat roofs, a hinged, sliding flat rooflight can look ideal.


For some, a dimly lit bathroom space can be calming and rejuvenating for long soaks and spa-style pampering. But that style isn’t for everyone.

Others might aim for a more enlightened design with brighter, cleaner lighting or the simple pleasure of natural light.

Whichever you prefer will determine the type of lighting and the number of lights you wish to install, as well as window fixtures and fittings.


Storage at the design phase is an afterthought for many self-builders, but even the most minimal of bathroom styles needs it.

Think about the simplest things, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, bottles and razors. Many end up crammed together on an unplanned shelf, or worse, the end of a bath or inside the shower cubicle.

This is why storage is such an important design component and one that you’ll be glad you planned for and tackled now.

Are you excited, thrilled and more than a little intimidated by the prospect of designing your new-build bathroom? If you are, call Mihaus on 0845 982 5486

Mihaus are bathroom design experts will help you to choose the right solution for your needs. Alternatively, visit their showroom or contact Mihaus via their website