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Since 2009, we have tried to make it as easy for our clients to visualise our designs for your dream home. To do this we use our 3D drawing package ARCHIcad to create highly accurate 3D models, 2D drawings along with static rendered images.

We also output our 3D model to the BIMx App, which then allows you to walk around your future home on your iPad or home computer. The integration of this to our service has been a huge success and is loved by the majority of our clients.

virtual reality allan corfield architects aca

We still love this technology and this is our basic service, but now, ACA are delighted to be offering a whole new level of visualisation……yes fully immersive Virtual Reality.

Several years ago, we invested in new software (Twinmotion 2019) and hardware (Vive VR), we have set this up in our new dedicated VR suite. This will allow ACA to invite you into your home, to walk around and fully appreciate the external design and internal spaces in unbelievable clarity – you will be blown away!

Virtual Reality ACA

The software is so advanced we can let you walk around your future home, whilst changing accurate materials, the furniture, lighting and even the weather! We see this as an amazing design tool, together we will be able to complete final tweaks, whilst you are standing in your home.

Experiencing your new home in VR with ACA, will be an add on service, available to all our clients, and we would love you to experience it. We have 1 main service which once completed can be complemented with additional visits, these are outlined below.


Option 1 (required):

Your home in VR –

  • Upgrade & transfer of your current Archicad model into Twinmotion.
  • A brief intro and training to VR.
  • Access to our VR suite with your designer for up to 4 hours.
  • Real-time design changes completed whilst on site.
Upfront cost from £600 ex VAT. (depending on size/complexity of house design)
Option 2 (add on):

Your home in VR –

  • Access to our VR suite with your designer for up to 4 hours.
  • Real-time design changes completed whilst on site.
  • Ideal for final design tweaks, material choices etc.
Cost per visit £200 ex VAT
Option 3 (add on):

Your home in VR –

  • Access to our VR suit for up to 4 hours.
  • Ideal for spending time in spaces or showing family members around.
Cost per visit £120 ex VAT

The software also allows ACA to show you your home in CGI quality rendered images. These will be great for initial design development and for Planning Applications. We also have the ability to create movie quality walk around videos, including changing light and weather. We also have the ability to show you the build sequence of your self builds.

virtual reality with aca