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Fabric First Self Build in North Bedfordshire

Fabric First Self Build in North Bedfordshire

ACA were appointed in 2015 to provide the detailed design for a stunning contemporary home in North Bedfordshire, designed originally by Nicolas Tye Architects. The house has been designed to link with a grade 2 listed cottage and provide a striking L shaped floating extension.

The four-bedroom flat roofed new building is finished in weathered Corten Steel, which gives the floating like structure a distinctive bold look.

The main volume of the home sits on the first floor, over a reduced ground floor plan, giving the house a crisp, monolithic cantilevered feel.

The house is set around an existing pond, with part of the building hanging over the water.

The house features a steel frame, encapsulated with high-performance SIPS panels and huge triple-glazed windows. The house is due for completion in early 2019.